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Build and Support Best Practices

The crucial importance of high-quality curriculum and instructional materials in school improvement efforts.

Fordham Institute: Reading and Writing Instruction in America’s schools.

What makes a good school culture?

Five best practices of successful school-site professional development.

From the Learning Policy Institute Blog: Fifty Years of Pursuing the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity by Arthur Wise.

Seven major issues with existing personalized learning programs by Peter Greene and a review by Larry Cuban

Charters, Vouchers, and Privatization

National Education Policy Center: Virtual Charter Schools are a Sham and Waste Taxpayers’ Dollars

Jeff Bryant: If you are against privatizing social security you should be alarmed at this new scheme aimed at public schools.

Our schools should not be for sale.

New Group Created by Rightwing Foundations to Promote More Charters in Cities by Chalkbeat, NY. The group is raising $200 million to promote the failed “portfolio” model.

An honest look in the New Yorker at one New Orleans charter school’s dilemma in facing the realities of a market driven system by a board member of the school.

Mitchell Robinson: Charter schools have caused more harm than good in Michigan. Instead of opening more of them here’s what we should do.

Another in the growing number of studies showing student’s receiving vouchers actually lose ground.

Diane Ravitch reports on a new Ohio organization formed to support public schools and fight “privatization, theft, and greed.

Ohio Taxpayers Charged $7.7 Million to Renovate Charter-School Building Valued at $2.4 Million

Diane Ravitch post an article by teacher Angie Sullivan: Everybody Is Laughing at Nevada and Its Failing Charter Schools.

Diane Ravitch reports on the buying and selling of failed charter schools to other large charter organizations. and a proposed charter school in a small rural area would devastate the existing the existing public school. Negative impact should be part of the criteria for whether a charter school is approved.

“Reform” Foibles

Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider podcast: Fear-Based “Reform” Doesn’t Work

The top ten reasons why teacher evaluation by student test scores has failed.

Jan Resseger reviews the AFT report on a decade of neglect of public schools by many states.

Jan Resseger comments on a PBS report on the massive closing of Chicago public schools causing death and destruction of student’s lives. Without a neighborhood school many students fearful of traveling to other areas just didn’t attend school.

Tom Ultican has had it with right-wing screeds against teachers and their unions.

Peter Greene: The fall of a self-promoting “reformer”.

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