Comments Dec. 18th, 2018-Jan. 16th, 2019

COMMENTS Dec. 19th, 2018 to Jan. 16th, 2019

Build and Support Efforts

Here is a summary of two years of weekly presentations on a variety of key educational improvement topics by some of the top researchers and practitioners in the nation with links and slides.  

Tom Ultican favorably reviews Andrea Gabor’s terrific new book After the Education Wars. I’ve read the book. It is a must read and I especially like Gobor’s stressing of positive build and support principles such as engagement and the use of public school examples of where build and support has worked. Another favorable review by Peter Greene Deming yes. Taylorism, no.

Forbes article on the importance of history and civics.  

Jal Mehta on leadership for deeper learning.

The Lawsuit That Could Change the Face of Civics Education.  

How one district tackled its low reading performance.

 Fortune: America is Losing Teachers at an Alarming Rate

Jan Resseger: Decades of research support community schools in New York City. and David Kirp’s article in the NYTimes

Charter, Voucher, Corporate Reform, and Privatization Issues

Carol Burris: Can charters be reformed? She lists five major problems with the charter school industry.

Peter Greene: LA teacher’s strike is different—the union is bargaining for public school survival and quality. Similarly, a thoughtful article by Jan Resseger on the meaning of the LA strike, Steven Singer: LA teacher strike is about excessive charter expansion and high-stakes testing. and Miriam Pawel writing in the New York Times finds aggressive charter expansion in LA is a root cause of the teacher’s strike. She writes: Can California provide sufficient resources to support an effective public education system? Or will charter schools cripple it?”

Jeff Bryant: Choice Has Become an Excuse for Charter and Voucher Schools to Discriminate

Nancy Bailey: Arne Duncan continues to push dangerous corporate school reforms.

A batch of Diane Ravitch postings: The problems of skimming. What the teacher strike was all about.

This Indiana on-line school graduated just 2% of its students in 2018.

Common Cause, Connecticut against moneyed interests pushing charters.

Thomas Ultican: Anti-public school forces retooling for 2019.

Peter Greene: How charters damage public schools in PA.


Backlash against personalized learning. Report offers seven proposals for corrective action.

Peter Greene: 8 reasons not to love personalized learning.

Peter Greene: Why teachers don’t use the software their districts paid for.

Technology Review: The biggest tech failures of 2018.

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