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Curriculum, Instruction, and “Build and Support” measures

Report shows positive effects of a continuous improvement strategy in California. The first section of the report briefly explains the policy context in California and the history of the CORE districts’ collaboration. The second part of the report details four major lessons learned from the CIC this year:

1.  The simultaneous goals of improving math achievement while building capacity for continuous improvement offer both benefits and challenges for the CORE Districts.

2.  Districts have a pivotal role to play in supporting and sustaining continuous improvement efforts focused on classroom instruction.

3.  Context matters. Preexisting structures and processes, time for educator collaboration, and supportive leadership all influence continuous improvement efforts.

4.  District and school leaders are excited about the potential of continuous improvement to spur deep and lasting improvement.

A great resource guide for continuous improvement. Look at the resource guide folder.  

Learning Policy Institute’s positive report on the benefits of pre-school education.  

An important 19 minutes discussion with Dylan Wiliam author of Creating the Schools Our Children Need

Paying teachers what they’re worth.

The importance of treating teachers with respect.

Teachers respond to Don Trump Jr.’s “teachers are losers” comment.

Marc Tucker writes about high performing schools systems.

NCEE: How to recruit the best teachers.

Curriculum matters.

Michael Petrilli writes about the availability of high quality instructional materials.  

Three ways to improve teaching about slavery.

Most Texans like their public schools and want to spend more on them.

College prep rates are up in California.

Curmudgucation: classroom practice ideas for reformers.

Jan Resseger: We’ll Have to Reduce Test-and-Punish. Talking about Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough

Charters, Vouchers, and Privatization

The dangers to democracy of the privatization movement.

Jeff Bryant: Los Angeles teachers see charter school expansion as an existential threat to public education and  

Jan Resseger: By Striking, Teachers Are Demonstrating Society’s Failure to Value our Children and Their Schools. and Striking Teachers are Changing the Narrative about Education. and Teachers in Los Angeles Confront Privatization—the Heart of Today’s Neoliberal Conventional Wisdom  and

The true story of the Denver teacher’s strike.

ALEC and corporate reformers are trying to negate the positive results of recent teacher strikes.

State school board association president Linda Lyon: Privatization push in Arizona creates a teacher shortage crisis.

As a result of the DeVos charter and voucher privatization plan, Michigan schools have declined in funding more than any other state in the last 25 years and performance plummeted.

Despite failures of charter schools in Michigan, DeVos awards the state $47 million for charter expansion.

Three states travails in trying to close failing for-profit on-line charter schools.

Not enough NC students want vouchers.

The failure of market reforms in Sweden.

Bill Phillis: Stop wasting money on charter schools and fund real public schools.

District warns that charter school funding could bankrupt the district.

Koch brothers plan to disrupt public education in five states. and

Dallas chamber of commerce disrupts public schools in the city.

Sham charter reform in Arizona exempts major charter chains.

Major charter problems in Camden, New Jersey by Jersey Jazzman.

North Carolina teacher finds that the rapid charter expansion in the state is harming public education.

Charters in Washington state made no difference in performance.

Ann Cronin: Time to get rid of charter schools in Connecticut.

Steven Singer: 10 out of 15 online charters are operating without a charter in Pennsylvania and must be closed.

Texas vouchers are dead.

Jan Resseger: In lease agreements charter management organizations rip off their students and the public.

Diane Ravitch reports on the over-saturation of the charter school market.

More embezzlements by charter executives. and  

Another charter schools closure.

What does it take to support charter schools?

This closure is more abrupt.

New charter schools in Texas get more funding than public schools.

There’s a backlash against charter schools. What’s happening and why.

Jan Resseger: Are Charter Schools Losing their Cachet? Is the Narrative Shifting?

Will Los Angeles School District close down failing charter schools?

Technology and Personalized Learning

Giving every student a computer instead of time with a teacher is a misguided policy.


Jan Resseger: Chalkbeat Disputes Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative’s Claim that Summit–“Personalized”–Learning is Research-Based

Students walk out in Kansas to protest tech based Summit learning program.

Forbes: Can tech oriented AltSchool save itself from failure?;

Literature review of tech effects in math.  

Has edtech investment worked?

The pros and cons of classroom robots.

A report urges caution on AI in the classroom.

Reform foibles

Problems with NY’s teacher evaluation law.

Problems with the portfolio model.  

 Jan Resseger finds major problems with portfolio management ideas undertaken in many urban districts creating an unstable charter schools sector and too many unwarranted school closures.

Tom Ultican finds the portfolio model in Denver to be a failure.

The failure of state control in Camden by Jersey Jazzman.

The failure of the “reform package” in Newark.

Andrea Gabor: Why Bonuses and Merit Pay Fail. Also see  Dylan Wiliam author of Creating the Schools Our Children Need

Problems with test obsessed principals.

Problems with proficiency cut scores and a national high-stakes test-driven reform strategy.

How neglect caused an outstanding schools to become a failing school in 12 years.

Nathan Robinson: Race to the Top was a disaster and should never be repeated.

Corruption in Indiana over public education.

Will Pinkston: Race to the Top turned into a war against public schools in Tennessee

The Difficulty of Cleaning Arne Duncan’s Awful Policies Out of the Laws of 50 States

New York calls a very successful school “a failure” and parents strenuously object.

Closing schools doesn’t always work.

Are the Texas test scores rigged against students? m

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