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We Must Restore Respect to the Teaching Profession, Nation’s Top Teachers Say.

Seven links to research and reports on social emotional learning.        

  Navigating SEL from the Inside Out: A new guide that takes a deep dive into 25 evidence-based SEL programs. Provides comprehensive details and cross-program analyses about programs that are currently available in US contexts, to help schools and out-of-school-time organizations find a model that meets their needs.

·         The Science and Practice of Social Emotional Learning: Guidance to state policymakers interested in taking SEL to scale, published in NASBE’s State Education Standard.

·         Reimagining SEL: Findings from a Strategy-Based Approach: In a recent article in Phi Delta Kappan, EASEL researchers propose a new approach to SEL that is developmental, flexible, and responsive to local needs, and describe a site using this approach.

·         Future of Children: A journal published by Princeton University and the Brookings Institution released their newest edition on Social and Emotional Learning, organized and edited by EASEL director and Harvard professor, Stephanie Jones.

·         The Evidence Base for How We Learn: A new brief released by the Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development provides a set of consensus statements and supporting research that affirm the importance and interconnectedness of social, emotional, and academic development.

·         EF Mapping Measures Compendium: A resource for selecting measures related to executive function and other regulation-related skills in early childhood, written by EASEL staff and published by the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation at the Administration for Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services.

·         An Integrated Model of Regulation for Applied Settings: A developmental model of self-regulation for school-based and community interventions, appearing in the March 2019 special journal issue of Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review.

Three educational leaders address the issue of low reading performance. and an EdWeek podcast and transcript on the subject.

Class size matters. Five positive findings about reducing class size.  

Michael Petrilli’s new report Toward a Golden Age of Educational Practice.

Educational Leadership magazine devoted a whole issue to instructional leadership.

CCEE: Getting selective about teacher training based on what some of the highest achieving nations or states do.

Charters, Vouchers, and Privatization

Charter schools exploit lucrative loophole that would be easy to close.

Diane Ravitch: The dangers of outsourcing American public schools to foreign entities.

Toledo Blade calls for an end to state takeover legislation.

Stephen Dyer: No Matter How You Spin the Numbers, Ohio’s Charters are Failing and,


Two-thirds of charter schools in Ohio are rated d or f but the charter industry wants more money.


Another reason why Ohio charters should not receive more funds.


Jan Resseger: Ohio Voucher Promoters Mislead: EdChoice Vouchers Eat Up Local Dollars and Ruin District Budgets


Indiana pays millions to virtual charters that educate almost no one.


Oklahoma virtual charter school is an epic failure.


Texas migrant shelter owner cashes in on charters.


Carol Burris report on waste, fraud and abuse in California’s charter sector.


Charter profiteer exposed in Arizona plans to open a charter chain in North Carolina


Arizona senate passes a phony charter reform bill.


North Carolina “white flight” academy becomes a charter to get public funding.


At many Arizona charters parent’s complaints are ignored. and lack of  state oversight removes student protections.


In many charters the chance to graduate is slim. Of the 1000 schools with the lowest graduation rates in the US, 50% are charters.


“No Excuses” Charter Chain, Achievement First, Has a Reckoning with Its Harsh Disciplinary Policies  


Charter expansion which drained public school resources are at the heart of the Oakland’s financial woes and the teacher strike.

Anthony Cody: Charters and Vouchers: The Threat to Public Schools is Real.

Twelve supposed negative “myths” about charters turn out to be accurate.

Kentucky: Vouchers are dead this year in the legislature because of opposition from parents and pastors.  

The real faces behind corporate reform and some of their misleading rhetoric.

Expose of Utah legislators cashing in on the charter school industry.

NY state finds Success Academy and NY city ed in violation of rights of disabled students.

Tony Evers, Wisconsin governor proposes a budget which slows down charter expansion.  

Diane Ravitch: The recent Chicago mayoral race results were a complete repudiation of Rahm Emanuel’s policies.

Another for-profit college chain collapses leaving students with debt.



Education Reform Foibles and Public School Neglect

Politicians forget that cut-scores are not grounded in science.

Further dismantling public education in Florida.

Diane Ravitch asks “Why are there over 2000 teacher vacancies in Florida?”

DC schools rethinking “reform”.

Larry Cuban reports on Rahm Emanuel’s change of heart on the education reform movement.  

Why the New York City school renewal program failed.

Years of neglect of public schools in Oklahoma. 30,000 teachers have quit in the last three years

Expose of the Newark reform program.

Atlanta: A public protest against the privatizing “portfolio” model.

Peter Greene asks “Why do teachers have such lousy parental leave?

Angie Sullivan blasts Nevada legislators and power brokers who refuse to fund public schools.

Two new reports show the negative effects of segregation and propose ideas for remedying the situation. and

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