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Build and Support Issues

How a Flawed Idea is Teaching Millions of Kids to Be Poor Readers

Learning Policy Institute: Lessons from the Golden State.

Learning Policy Institute: Effective Professional Development

How Not to Blow Continuous Improvement

What Finland is actually doing to improve its acclaimed schools.

Why I Pay School Taxes.

Six problems with a growth mindset strategy.

Jan Resseger: When traditional educators set education policy and speak for public schools, it makes a difference.

Dyslexia doesn’t mean low intelligence.

Free science materials.

Marc Tucker: Part 2 of the world’s best educational research strategies.

Gary Rubenstein: How to change math instruction.

 US students score low on problem solving compared to other industrial nations.

Rebuttal to NYTimes 1619 article on slavery.

Charter, Voucher, Privatization, and Public School Hostility Travails

Wall Street Journal opinion piece on why charter performance claims of success are an illusion.

Lubienski and Malin: School Vouchers Actually Harm Children

How ALEC seeks to destroy public education;

Jeff Bryant: How private vetting firms are ruining superintendent’s searches.

Tom Ultican: Broad academy graduates are destroying public education.

What happened to students who began a Kipp school in 2003.

Jan Resseger:

Tultican: The New Teacher Project is out to Destroy Public Education

John Thompson’s new book on the dangers of privatization of public service.

Charter cyber schools prey on poor school districts. 

Steve Singer: Charter Schools are Gobbling Up My School District

Shawgi Tell: Charter school lobbyists are on the defensive.




California. Another low performing charter scam.



California. The home-school charter business behind the latest scandals.


Charter School legislative battle ends in a compromise.







Rhode Island.

Rhode Island.


New Hampshire.



Pennsylvania. Steven Singer:


Pennsylvania. Peter Greene: Gov. of Pennsylvania says charter schools are private not public schools.



Pennsylvania: Steve Singer

North Carolina.



West Virginia.

Gary, Indiana

Louisiana. The failure of vouchers.

New Orleans.

New Orleans.

New Orleans.

New Orleans.

New Orleans. Twenty-five percent of students are chronically absent.

New Orleans.

New York City.


San Antonio. Betsy DeVos’s plan to overrun San Antonia with charter schools.

Washington DC.

Washington DC.

The Failed Promise of School Reform

Wall Street Journal front page article raises questions about heavy reliance on classroom technology. and

What do education reform failures have in common.

Peter Greene: The “burn and churn” model has not worked.

GERM: Stopping the worldwide “reform” movement.  

Peter Greene: 3rd grade reading retention doesn’t work.

Three “reform” high schools funded at $10 million each fail. and another $10 million dollar “reform” high school fails.

Tom Ultican: Teach for America is bad for America.

California. Criticism of Los Angeles School District’s plan to rank schools by a single measure.; and

MGT Consultants: Profiting from the School Crisis in Gary, Indiana and Taking Over Three Colorado School Districts.

Ohio. State takeover focuses on districts with high levels of poor children of color.


Fordham: Three lessons from Tennessee’s school turnaround efforts.

Newark eliminates pay for performance. Jersey Jazzman: The merit pay fairy dies in Newark. and

Larry Cuban: several posts on the realities of reforming schools.; ; ;;  and

Jan Resseger: Don’t trust superintendents from Chiefs for Change.  

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