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Build and Support Issues

Jennifer O’Day and Marshall Smith’s excellent new book, Opportunity for All: A Framework for Quality and Equality in Education Harvard Educational Press (2019)

Why America needs to invest in public education from Forbes magazine.

Embracing Public Schools as the Very Definition of the Common Good

What does educational opportunity mean?

Cincinnati  Community schools make spectacular progress. and

Louisa Moats on dyslexia. 

What’s the difference between an organized phonics approach and balanced literacy.

The importance of content knowledge to reading comprehension.

Stanford’s Sean Riordan: Schools alone can’t overcome racial achievement gaps caused by concentrated poverty.


Charter, Voucher, and Privatization Foibles

Carol Burris. Federal report finds no difference in performance between charters and public schools.

Are charter schools public schools? Shawgi Tell says no.

Jeff Bryant on the disaster of private companies working an insider game for lucrative contracts.



Arkansas. ; ; and


Arkansas/; and ; ; and

Chicago. Rahm’s and Arne’s Legacies Continue to Damage Chicago Public Schools, Especially in Black Neighborhoods


Los Angeles.

Los Angeles. Can charter and public schools share space without fights? LAUSD’s $5.5-million solution:



Nevada, Several Charter Schools in Trouble:

New Orleans. Tom Ultican:

New Orleans.

New Orleans.



Ohio. State punches Youngstown schools with legislative assault on local control.

Ohio. Innovation Ohio Report: Ohio Budget Eases Oversight of Charter Schools and Provides Windfall for Ohio School Vouchers   

Ohio. Jan Resseger: State Takeover Fails in Youngstown, Ohio, So State Kills Elected Local Board

Pennsylvania. Republican speaker of the house berates public schools and their teachers but praises charters.

Tennessee. but see








Washington. Lavish Lobbying Ensures that Washington, D.C. Charter Schools Remain Unregulated


Technology and

The Perils of “Reform”

New book on the failure of educational reform.

Tim Seklar on the exodus of teachers from their chosen profession.

Teacher identifies 10 “reforms” that have damaged NC’s public schools:

Five Signs Your Reform Has Become Another Education Fad:

Resseger: New Reports Confirm Persistent Child Poverty While Policymakers Blame Educators and Fail to Address Core Problem and Ohio Senate blames teachers and schools in socio-economic areas while underfunding those schools.

ALEC’s faulty “report card”.  and

Even though ESEA dropped the requirement for test driven teacher evaluation because of major flaws, 34 states still require them.

Value added problems in Florida.  and; ; and

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