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Building Better Schools: What Our Best Districts and States Do

Jeff  Bryant describes how the Long Beach Unified Schools District avoided the “reform” platform, concentrated on building the teaching profession and capacity to improve and became one of the highest performing districts in the country.

John Hattie finds four educational strategies with super-size positive effects. The highest is collective teacher efficacy (building effective school teams which continually improve instruction) which produces a huge 1.6 SD gain or 16 times the effect of charter schools at .1 SD)

Nine elements of effective leadership development programs.; National Institute of School Leadership’s strategic plan and their “wheel” approach.

New Jersey’s effort to develop physics teachers.

One school’s quest for deeper learning.


Charter School and Voucher Foibles

Scientific American magazine reports that vouchers don’t work so why is the current administration pushing them.

The NAACP issued a July report reiterating its opposition to charter school expansion until effective accountability measures are adopted, its opposition public education funds diverted to for-profit schools, and its support of giving more power to local communities to choose what type of schools they desire.

Jersey Jazzman critique of studies which show “days of learning” increases for some charters which they characterize as “significant”. The actual effects are trivial and are several multiples below what other strategies produce and “days of learning increases” are a highly misleading metric without research support. The lack of research on days of learning

Fraud in Nashville

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer exposes fraud in Cleveland and Florida.

Charter schools stifle innovation according to Mark Nelson.

A destructive teaching environment in many charter schools causes huge teacher churn.

New Orleans charter schools are punishing students for being poor.

The Miami-Herald exposes state legislators who personally benefit from diverting funds from public schools to charters.


Questions about Current Panaceas

Rand has an extensive report on the pros and cons of personalized learning. Including teachers in the mix is a must.

Two articles raise problems of implementing personalized learning.;

Requiring Intermediate Algebra for all college bound students is not warranted.

Larry Cuban has some cautionary words about “coding for all”.;

Teacher evaluation using scores on standardized tests is becoming increasingly discredited.

Some tech companies find value in hiring liberal arts major.

The false choice between academic and vocational education.

Want to cause a medical disaster for patients: privatize emergency care.

Does digital reading work?

Morgan Polikoff suggests that we publicize examples of programs and strategies which harm not help.


The Fight for Our Public Schools

A state legislator discovers the details of the ALEC plot to kill public education.’s-attack-on-public-education-a-report-from-the-frontlin/#.WYHxRiBFHJk.facebook Betsy DeVos is a major sponsor of ALEC and has patterned her anti-public school agenda on its proposals.

Jim Hightower blasts Betsy DeVos’s plans to damage public schools.

A Florida editorial criticizing the latest attempt by a Republican legislature and governor to harm public education in that state.

A St.Louis politician treats public school parents and criminals as equals in “costing” public dollars.

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