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Build and Support Issues

Hundreds of public with low-income minority students beat the odds in Los Angeles county.

An excellent education book by Andrea Gabor. Part 2.

Good communities produce good schools.

North Carolina’s former governor Jim Hunt speaks in favor of public schools.

Parents of dyslexic children win battle to make reading instruction consistent with best practice.

Wait list of 155,000 students for popular selective public high schools in NY City is much larger than the wait lists for charter schools..;

Fordham: You might be surprised at which states prioritize teacher salaries.

Teachers’ wage penalty with other college grads reaches a record high of 21% according to a report from the Economic Policy Institute. and

Ohio democrats pass resolution supporting public schools. and in Florida

Learning Policy Institute’s article on the national teacher shortage and what to do about it.

NPR: Re-imagining how to teach geography.

High quality materials and embedded educator support.

Charters, Vouchers, and Privatization

Less than 50% of charter school high school students graduate.  

Jeff Bryant: Why charter school proponents have lost many Democratic supporters.

No excuse schools: Parents actually want strong academics AND respect for their children.

Betsy DeVos travails: and Jeff Bryant and Peter Greene: Why DeVos doesn’t care about charter closings. and and Federal charter school program wasted $36 million on schools in Ohio that never opened or soon closed. and  and and, and, finally, DeVos loves charters but speaks against more funding for public schools.

Democrats in the House seek to cut charter school funding saying the DOE is not a responsible steward of federal spending.

Jan Resseger: Congress should shut down the charter school program and invest the money in Title 1 and IDEA. and Lack of Oversight of Federal Charter Schools Program Cheats Taxpayers, Students, Families, and Local Public Schools

Peter Greene: Who killed charter schools?

Tom Ultican: Sketchy charter on-line chain goes national.


Jim Scheurich, a professor at Indiana University, argues that the purpose of the Indianapolis charter proposals is to destroy communities.

Florida. NEP’s report on 20 years of reform failure in Florida; Peter Greene: Florida is the worst state in the nation for public education.; Carol Burris: Florida charters are a swamp of waste, fraud, and profiteering. ; Tampa Bay Times critique of new Florida legislation calling it a death sentence for public schools.;; conflicts of interest of an influential Florida legislator concerning charters go neglected.; the Southern Poverty Law Center statement on the harm caused by vouchers in the state; and ;  and


Tennessee passes dreaded voucher bill.  Mercedes Schneider; and  and


California. Carl Cohn: California must reform its charter law. ; California School Board’s recommendations on charter reform. Only one out of three charter schools outperforms the public schools in the district in which the charter is located; and another charter closes before the school year ends stranding students; and

Alabama:;  and



North Carolina.

Oakland. and  

Milwaukee. Jeff Bryant: and

Chicago. Teacher strikes at three charter schools.

Louisiana voucher program shows disappointing results. and

New Orleans. Mercedes Schneider,

Big bucks charter advocacy. and

The charter chain Democracy Prep has a lot to learn from public schools. and

Gary Rubenstein spills the beans on Success Academy;  ; and

Technology and proficiency based learning pros and cons

Teachers blow the whistle on ed-tech.

NYTimes: Kansas students rebel against Summit Learning web-based learning program.

Hechinger report: Disastrous rollout of proficiency based learning in Maine.

Knewton, a big name in ed tech, bits the dust.

Misplaced reforms

Personalized learning—the promise and the reality.; and

Peter Greene’s hard-hitting attack on personalized learning in Forbes magazine.

Diane Ravitch: education reform is dead but zombie ideas persist.

Larry Cuban:;;;   

Teach For America kicked out of Houston.

Texas pays Teach for America $5.5 million a year for 400 recruits. Only 85% show up for a second year. and also, and

Larry Cuban: and;

Warning: Atlanta’s portfolio plan is not a model.

Peter Greene: In Ohio, the ongoing fight to end school-takeovers.

Diane Ravitch: A book on the inside story of the Atlanta cheating scandal.

Michigan, don’t scrap the arts requirement!

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