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Build and Support Best Practices

Students, please take a humanities course. We will all benefit.

A massive set of research papers on what California education is doing right and where it needs to improve. Fodder for educational wonks.

A paper claiming that California’s Local Control Initiative was a success and that increased funding produced results.

The case for spending 32% more on California schools.

Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom’s cradle to career education plan for California.

New study finds that all growth of new non-BA good jobs has been in middle-skills jobs requiring community college/tech prep type education.

Marc Tucker: Trust is essential to improving school performance.

Want to improve schools? Look to teacher leaders.

How to transform a struggling school. Hint: It’s not the “reform” agenda.

The important role of principals’ supervisors.

Mike Smith on why it’s wrong to write off the Federal SIG program.

Steve Singer: the six biggest problems with data-driven instruction.

Why pre-school should not be like Amazon.


Reform Foibles

New report confirms that test scores almost perfectly mirror socio-economic status of students.

Closing 50+ Chicago schools in low-income areas was a disaster.

After seven years the failure of the state Tennessee Achievement District which took over local schools is official.

Jersey Jazzman defends NJ reducing test scores for evaluating teachers to 5%.

Larry Cuban on “personalized learning”—the difference between a policy and a strategy. and Also see Curmudgucation’s critique of personalized learning programs.

Learning from what doesn’t work in teacher evaluation—a review by Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

Diane Ravitch reviews professor Jim Miller’s article on the failure of corporate based “reform” and the power of a “build and support” approach.

Hey, Texas: Don’t Delete Helen Keller from the Curriculum: She Inspires Everyone!

The problems with college remediation policies.


Privatization and Defunding of Public Schools

I work three jobs and donate blood plasma to make ends meet. This is what it’s like to be a teacher in America.

Similarly, the NYTimes on what teachers are doing to make ends meet.

Jeff Bryant asks, “What happens when communities lose their public schools for good?  Michigan may soon find out.”

Report from the Network for Public Education: How the super-rich buy elections to undermine public schools.  Another review of the report by Curmudgucation;

Jeff Bryant on how wealthy people are destroying public education one donation at a time.

Diane Ravitch: The Guardian Reports on the Showdown Between the Koch Brothers and the Parents/Teachers of Arizona

Diane Ravitch posted: Arizona is hurtling back a century or more. The state superintendent of education has invited an anti-evolutionist to review the state science standards. The writer for the Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts, is quick to spot frauds and quacks in the Ed world.

US shortchanged public schools by hundreds of billions of dollars.


Charter and Voucher issues

Jeff Bryant–Charter School Corruption is Changing Education Policies and Practices

Andrea Gabor—when school choice means no choice.

How charter school operators enrich themselves.

Ravitch: Hedge fund manager says that investing in charter schools is the easiest money he ever made.

Report on the malign effects of charter schools in Florida with suggestions for improvement.

Unbelievable. Diane Ravitch: Florida voucher fraud stiffs teachers and taxpayers and no one cares.

Diane Ravitch: If you want to understand where the big bucks are in the charter industry, look at the real estate deals. and Diane Ravitch blows the whistle on lucrative real estate deals by some charter schools.

What Should We Really Learn From New Orleans After the Storm? A Q&A With NEPC Fellow Bruce Baker

Disgraceful charter self-dealing in Arizona—a state with some of the most porous charter school laws in the country.

Diane Ravitch the bizarre story of a charter founder who went to prison for tax fraud with charter school funds still collects rent from the charter school.

Diane Ravitch: Texas: IDEA Charter Chain Plans to Saturate El Paso Region with 20 New Unneeded Charters

California’s new prohibition against for-profit charters plugs many loopholes but still more needs to be done.

The profiteering behind the effort to expand charter schools in Kentucky by Jeff Bryant.

Nevada Republicans promise to create more vouchers and charter schools if they win state races.

An investigation into Florida’s voucher schools finds alarming results.

Gary Rubenstein pens a rebuke to large donors to NY City’s Success Academy.

DeVos gives Delaware $10.4 million to expand charter schools despite lack of demand.

Two senators call for an investigation into online charter schools.

Charter school praised by the NYTimes is in academic distress.

Diane Ravitch on an article by Mitchell Robinson contending that Michigan charter schools have done more harm than good.

Virtual schools continue to grow in Michigan despite high failure rate.

The federal inspector general condemns DOE for lax supervision of charter dollars—again!

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