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Comments May 14th-June 17th, 2019

“Build and Support” Issues

Learning Policy Institutes’ report on 156 districts achieving at higher levels. California’s Positive Outliers; Districts beating the odds. Experienced teachers made the difference.  and

Seven new schools join the list of previously 45 schools identified as high-achieving opportunity schools.

Pew reports: Public school funding is still below 2008 levels in most states.; and

Rethinking the American High School. Review of Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine’s recent  book. 

Four lessons for administrators on curriculum and instruction efforts. 

An article on the importance of improving instruction and curriculum.

Top PISA official: Liberal arts and humanities may be crucial for 21st century educational performance.

NCEE: Report on the best way to structure early childhood education.

Leander School District in Texas is one of the most successful districts in the nation and has implemented Deming’s work on continuous improvement. It needs a new superintendent who will stay the course.

17 things teachers want you to know about their jobs. 

Empowerment and Trust are Keys to Employee Engagement  

Blind spots in teacher development report.

Want to alleviate the teacher shortage. Improve working conditions and engagement. 

An eye-opening breakdown of actual time worked by a teacher.   

Interesting paper on the pros and cons of school autonomy.

Larry Cuban: What ever happened to the Core Knowledge program?

Emily Hanford’s article “Hard Words; Why aren’t our kids being taught to read?” won a prestigious award from the Education Writer’s Association.

Robert Pondiscio: Don’t dismiss the 30 million word gap quite so fast.

Jan Resseger: School segregation 65 years after “Brown v. Board of Education

Why Teachers Need Their Freedom (Ashley Lamb-Sinclair) and the effectiveness of Stanley Pogrow’s Teaching  Content Outrageously

Pastors for Texas post significant wins for public education.

Charter, Voucher, and Privatization Travails

Jeff Bryant: Why charter school proponents have lost many Democratic supporters.

Charters were supposed to save public education. Why are Americans turning against them? 

The Feds poured millions into failing charter schools in Louisiana. Over half of the federally supported charter schools in Louisiana folded or never opened wasting $24 million. Jeff Bryant recounts this sad tale.

Jan Resseger: Charter Schools at a Turning Point: How to Rein in an Out of Control Education Sector. Time to reign in the carter sector.

The Untold History of Charter Schools

Another expose of charter school failure.

Shawgi Tell: New CREDO evaluation of Pennsylvania charter reports mediocre results.

Time to rein in charters.

California’s charter school task force recommendations. and and and

Research on benefit of virtual school is lacking or extremely negative.

No excuse schools. Parents actually want strong academics AND respect for their children

Another study showing charter schools encroach on district funding for traditional public schools.  and also see; and

San Diego charter chain scandal.; and

A spectacular $50 million charter scam in San Diego by Peter Greene. and

NAACP response to a pro-charter article in the Wall Street Journal.

Diane Ravitch articles on charters and vouchers: Public schools will survive the privatization movement. Advocacy group adopts a policy against charter expansion.

Jan Resseger: Charter schools undermine the public good in Louisiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

West Virginia teachers continue their battle against charter schools and vouchers.

Peter Greene on New Hampshire’s proposals to privatize and outsource public education.

Credit ratings for charters in nine states.

Jeff Bryant: Charter schools support a major dividing issue among democratic candidates.

Failures of “Reform”

Jeanine Kaplan, “Education Reform” was a hoax from the start.

Improving our schools alone won’t fix America by billionaire Nick Hanauer previous major supporter of charter schools.

John Thompson reviews Diane Ravitch’s new book,  The Wit and Wisdom of Diane Ravitch in a review entitled “How could reformers get it so wrong?” and

The failure of a highly touted Florida reform plan by Sue Legg

Louisiana VAM deficiencies.

JerseyJazzman: Stop using flawed student growth measures in New Jersey.

Florida teacher quits after oppressive testing culture.

States using A-F letter grades do no better than those states without that “reform”.

Peter Greene: Teach for America’s other big problem—two years in the classroom doesn’t qualify your for leadership and policy positions.

Gary Rubenstein on inflated payments for “Teach for America” recruits in Ohio. and Kansas ($30,000)

Gary Rubenstein: After 29 years of evidence TFA still doesn’t prepare new corps members for success.

Jan Resseger: Shady exit of CEO of Ohio’s takeover district in Youngstown shows the perils of that approach.

Peter Greene: Can personalized learning deliver?

Peter Greene: who is behind the effort to woo teachers away from their unions.

Chris Edley and Pam Burdman: Don’t use SAT for accountability. 

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