Comments 5/20-6/1/18 (June/July below)


Larry Cuban reports on the Democracy Prep charter chain which is emphasizing civic education.

Public School Support

Democrats unveil plan to support teachers.

Eunice Han finds that teacher unions result in higher teacher quality.

What it’s like to teach in an underfunded school.

Marc Tucker on comprehensive school improvement.


Perils of Reforms

Low or negative results for students of closed schools while large increases in community damage.

It’s time to revamp teacher evaluation.

The result of closing 50 schools in Chicago in one day: No measurable outcome improvements but widespread sorrow.

Larry Cuban on reforms and technology: skeptic or cynic.

Curriculum and Instruction

England finds organized phonics instruction to be crucial for disadvantaged children.

Charter and Voucher Problems

Peter Greene on the differences between charter schools and traditional pubic schools.

Jeff Bryant on why a proposed NC charter school plan should alarm the nation.

A new federal evaluation of the DC voucher program finds that students who used vouchers lost ground in math.

Marc Tucker finds no evidence that charter management organizations are a laboratory for more effective school systems.

Who is to blame for Ohio’s 1 billion dollar ECOT virtual school boondoggle?

A parent education advocate on what is wrong with charter schools.

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