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Preparation for capable citizenship should be a primary goal of public education.

Civic Education: Our Democratic Responsibility

Ed Source: Public education must promote participation in democratic process

A US News and World Report on civic education in the US: Uniformed and Unengaged

CRPE: Rethinking traditional high-school college/career continuum. Alternative rigorous pathways for the non-4yr college bound.

Is college just for job preparation or for something broader? The Wisconsin debacle. Eliminating history as a major.

Jan Resseger reviews Bruce Baker’s book  on the importance of adequate funding for schools. Educational Inequality and School Finance: Why Money Matters for America’s Students

New report shows economic development incentive tax breaks to entice corporations cost schools nearly $2 billion last year.

Learning Policy Institute report: Want to increase high school graduation rates? Count diplomas earned in the 5th year and beyond and avoid districts forgetting about students who fail to graduate on time.

Learning Policy Institute: What Detroit and Chicago can teach us about student growth and school rating systems.

Michael Hynes and William Doyle, What we can learn from Finland—a 12 step program.

Is “Proficient” the right measure of student success?

Commentary: Why Doesn’t Every Teacher Know the Research on Reading Instruction?

National Education Policy Center: Conversation about the Reading Wars, Sparked by a New Documentary about Literacy Instruction: Q&A with Elizabeth Moje, Dean of the University of Michigan School of Education

What California can learn from other states about universal pre-school.


Charter and Privatization Issues

Diane Ravitch: Beware—privatization vandals target 7 cities for destruction and takeover of public education.

Choice? Parents fight DC bureaucracy for a school in their neighborhood.

Resseger: Why School Choice Ends Up Creating Injustice and Inequality and a report by Mead and Eckes:  How School Privatization Opens the Door for Discrimination

Jeff Bryant: Why urban communities of color are increasingly rejecting charter schools. mail_subject=why-urban-communities-of-color-are-increasingly-rejecting-charter-schools

Carol Burris: Five reasons why charter schools can’t be reformed.

Nancy Bailey “Stop the For-Profit Charter Scam in Nevada”

Mercedes Schneider: New York Times Exposes Louisiana School’s 100-Percent-College-Acceptance Lie, and More and

How can a school with 100 graduation rate be rated as a failing school?

Diane Ravitch: The Resistance pushes back against corporate reformers in Indianapolis

Ravitch: Lame duck tea party legislature delivers gut punch to public schools.

Why the secrecy surrounding this lucrative charter chain in Utah?

How to talk to your family about privatization by Jeremey Mohler.

The disastrous effects of privatization in Chile. and Sweden and why did Sweden adopt a radical choice plan by Sam Abrams?

Sleazy on-line charter school operator in Arizona pays himself another $1.3 million. and

On-line charter school in New Mexico is paid $6 million for students who have already left.

Chalkbeat: “Indiana’s War On Teachers Is Winning”

Massachusetts is forcing New Bedford to pay $25 million to expand a second-rate charter school. Why?

Tultican: How a San Diego charter school chain, Thrive, is lucrative for its operators but not for its students.

In Philadelphia, no accountability for failing charter schools.

Peter Greene: New Florida governor designates team to crush public education consisting of religious zealots and profiteers.

Indiana’s scandalous voucher program which was substantially expanded by Mike Pence.

Montana Supreme Court finds tuition tax credits (vouchers) unconstitutional.

Mercedes Schneider: New Orleans superintendent is having to emergency revoke a large number of charters.

Oklahoma Republican County Chairman advocates the state stop paying for public schools. (I thought public school supporters won that battle in the 19th century.)

“Reform” failures

Jan Resseger: Faith in High Stakes Testing Fades, Even Among the Corporate School Reformers

A Hechinger report: Federal innovation program gets minimal results.

How much should test scores matter?

Betsy DeVos decimated Michigan’s public schools by Tom Ultican

Jan Resseger: DeVos Again Protects For-Profit Colleges and Federal Loan Servicing Contractor at Expense of Vulnerable Students

Diane Ravitch reviews Eve Ewing’s award winning Ghosts in the Schoolyard

Mike Klonsky reviews Rham’s questionable assertions about his educational accomplishment.

An education law center calls for an end to state takeovers in New Jersey.

A teacher explains why so many young teachers are hostile to “reformers”.


Technology Dilemmas

Six questions we should be asking about “personalized learning”.

The Backlash Against Personalized Learning

Can technology be dangerous to child development?

Students walk out of an Idaho school and call the technology driven instruction a hoax.

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