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Build and Support Issues

How to get your kid to

Atlantic: The importance of content for reading comprehension and the problem with heavy emphasis on skill instruction after children learn foundation skills. and

One third of the available jobs require an AA degree but not a four year college degree.  

How 32 school districts are reimaging CTE education.

10 California districts struggle and find some success in shift to common core math.

Teachers work longer In the US according an International teacher survey

Jan Resseger: Despite Cruel Conditions at the Border and Threatened ICE Raids, Educators Across U.S. Strive to Serve Immigrant Children  

Fordham on civics education.

Cutting Public Education

Charter School, Privatization, and Voucher Issues

Jeff Bryant: Why won’t the charter school industry reform itself?

How non-profit charters actually make a profit or benefit for-profit companies.; and and

Carol Burris: Federal charter school program is a slush fund.

Jan Resseger: Politicians Are Discovering They Can No Longer Ignore Charter School Outrages. Is a strict no-excuse policy necessary or counter-productive?

California. $50 million scam:;; and  Why California charters have so little oversight.; and Andrea Gabor on the backlash in California against charter schools.;;

Florida. and

New York City.


Washington state.


New Orleans. ;




Newark, New Jersey.

Kansas.; neo-liberalism undermines the common good by promoting vouchers and charter schools.

“Reform” Foibles

Skepticism grows about test-based school accountability and privatization.

Jan Resseger: Florida’s failed education reforms.

Five reasons school takeovers fail. and see  

Why standardized tests aren’t working for teachers.;


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