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Build and Support Issues

John Morrow: The purpose of public schools is to grow American citizens.

The importance of a common curriculum.  

Successful school improvement through capacity building.

Andrea Gabor: What comes after the heavy reliance on testing.

Schools strive to serve immigrant children.

Teacher driven professional development.

 The Financial Calamity that is the Teaching Profession, Atlantic Magazine

Treat teachers like doctors and lawyers to alleviate the teacher shortage. and

Poll shows more than half of our public school teachers have considered quitting because of low pay and lack of respect.

Larry Cuban: A Gift that Never Stops Giving; Being a Teacher

Atlanta schools need continuous improvement not disruptive change.

Larry Cuban:

Bargaining for the common good in education.

Charter, Voucher, and Privatization Travails

Peter Greene: How school choice undermines democratic processes.

Peter Greene: Why charter schools must waste money.

A review of a new book about competition and choice. and

Diane Ravitch rebuts Robert Pondiscio’s defense of harsh, no excuses schools.




Florida Unmasking a major charter school scandal.  




Indiana and Oklahoma

Oklahoma investigators find a $10 million virtual charter school scam. and and and

Florida.  Local superintendent defies push for privatization.


Georgia K-12 virtual schools, fined tens of millions of dollars for fraud in California,  wants to open a huge virtual school in Georgia. Diane Ravitch: The Virtual Charter schools of for-profit K12 Inc. have been noted for high attrition, low test scores, low graduation rates, and high profits.

Newark, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey


Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

San Diego

 Puerto Rico and and

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

Washington, DC. Lack of transparency in DC charter schools.


New Bedford,  Mass.

“Reform” problems

The failure of market driven reforms by Tom Ultican

Gary Rubinstein finds that contrary to suggestions student work being assigned is appropriate.

Betsy DeVos sued for loan forgiveness mismanagement

State takeover the wrong remedy for Providence public schools.

Texas: Don’t take over Houston’s public schools.

America’s New School Lunch Policy: Punishing Hungry Students for Their Parents’ Poverty


Peter Greene: What can we learn from the epic failure of an experimental high-tech wunderschool.

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